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Yoga for golfers with Carolyn Brown

This yoga is based on the principles of physiotherapy. I take into consideration and assess each persons posture, mobility, range of motion, balance and core strength. We go slowly and smoothly through the movements so that you can be more powerful when needed. 


We first work on achieving an optimal posture to help increase deep muscle strengthening, balance and increasing your range of motion as well as optimizing breathing patterns to enhance your concentration and develop a calmer approach to playing the game of golf.


Repetitive movements like those in golf, create involuntary imbalances we work to realign the body for optimal balance. The LYT yoga method will help you to work on your physical and mental awareness from building a firm base of movement patterns that among other aspects enable better thoracic twisting to maximize your range of motion for golfing. As a result you should feel better both on and off the golf course. 

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